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This is everything I know, or wish I knew about relationships. Sorry, it’s not about “hanky panky” as you might have thought…or wished. Titling the category “Sex” makes me uncomfortable because of the intimacy and messiness that the word implies. That’s precisely why I needed to use it. My goal with the people in my life is to embrace the up-close, painful, unpredicatable and ultimately beautiful aspects of relationship. I have some ideas about relationships; I hope these will be replaced by the real thing.

How Choking Someone To Death Is Legal

Over the past two weeks I have been incessantly asking that people read The New Jim Crow.  The book was instrumental in my understanding of the systemic racism very much alive in our justice system, and the way in which … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Funeral

First off, I just found out that her name is spelt “Virginie” so let’s make that transition now (it still sounds like the state, but spelled differently).  I guess I hadn’t seen it printed until her funeral today. Today went … Continue reading

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Recap of a Crazy Week

Last week was a blur. On Monday our friend Virginia passed away.  We were over at the family’s apartment most of the day.  What a tragic situation.  Her 6 kids are working through it, each in their own way.  Tori … Continue reading

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Pray for My Mom

This morning my mom, who has battled chronic health issues most of my life, was admitted to the hospital with a 104.8 degree fever.  They say the brain begins to “boil” at 105 degrees, so she is really toeing that … Continue reading

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Meet Virginia

When Tori (my wife) told me that she had been granted permission to do her Contextual Education course through an organization called Global Growers, I was elated.  The organization provides farming opportunities for refugees in America.  This is the exact … Continue reading

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The Top New Adam, Earth Posts in 2012

In some ways New Adam, Earth turned a corner in 2012.  The first political post was issued, there was a guest author, and the first poems arrived on the scene.  I personally went through many life and writing changes in this past … Continue reading

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What is Time?

What is time? Is it passage or is it loss? Is it going by, or slipping through? Is it an ache Like a deep wound steady throbbing life? What is it?

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Regarding Redistribution

I’ve grown a little weary of being called a communist, and very weary of being afraid that I am one.  I’ve decided to sit down and think through whether this is so. As described in my last post, in our … Continue reading

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From Winter

I am striving to leave behind the hardest winter of my life.  All around me, life is bursting forth.  The Sun’s great light warms the Earth, the birds sing overjoyed.  Yet I, like the still barren trees, am waiting to … Continue reading

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As a lovely wedding gift, a family member, who is a tattoo artist, offered us free tattoos.  Now, we do not have any moral concerns with the idea, but there is a lot to think about and I want to … Continue reading

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