God (Worship)

Worship is happening everywhere.  In short, worship is the act of ascribing worth to an object.  No matter who you are or what you believe, you’re going to worship something–usually many things (monotheism is very difficult to attain).  One who is more worthy of worship than any other has been revealed to me.  His name is Jesus.  To Him my heart longs to adore; though I often betray it.

When we worship we become like the object of adoration.  I have worshipped pop stars in my life, and I became vain.  I have worshipped those who take what they want, and I became a beast.  I have worshipped the moon, stars, and supernovas, so I became distant and lifeless.  But now, I worship the one who is all, is before all, and through whom all things were made.  I am being brought back to life.

There are many villains in this world that have sabotaged my attempts to worship the one true God, and I am their chief.  However, I am determined to expose these imposters and false idols.  I want to center and define my life by worshipping the only one who gives freedom for submission, strength from meekness, and forgiveness of sins.


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